Flying goats on argan trees

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From Agadir or Taghazout: Goats on the tree tour

After a leisurely drive of 30 minutes in the direction of the highway that connects Agadir and Marrakech, we will make a pit stop to see the well-known goats that climb argan trees in quest of fresh nuts and leaves.

In Morocco, goats will only climb a single species of tree, known as the argan tree, which is endemic to the interior of the country and can be found only in the vicinity of the Atlas Mountains.
The pulp of the fruit is what draws the goats to the argan trees. Although the goats are quite content to have all four hooves firmly planted on the ground while they graze on the low-hanging fruit, as soon as they have finished devouring the produce that is within easy reach, they will climb up into the tree in quest of more.

Route of travel
  • Pick up from the reception of your hotel in Agadir at 8:30 or in Taghazout 8:15.

  • A gentle drive of 30 minutes toward the highway of Agadir-Marrakech.

  • Arriving to the goats and the argan trees area.

  • Enjoy your free time with the goats, and take as much photos as needed with the goats and the baby goats.

  • After the free time, we drive you back to the hotel in Agadir or Taghazout or get dropped off at the locale market of Agadir if needed.Goats on the tree