Lion Park in Agadir​ (Opening in mid 2024)

“The Lion Park of Drarga” in Agadir, Morocco, is an upcoming safari park project led by Hakim Abdel Hafid, a Moroccan with extensive experience in managing similar parks in South Africa. The project is under the prime contractor Aquila Morocco, based in Marrakech. Abdel Hafid, a biologist by training, previously worked in South Africa as the responsible party for lion breeding in two reserves.

The concept behind safari parks, popular in North America and Europe, involves creating expansive areas where animals roam in semi-freedom, providing visitors with an immersive experience reminiscent of African wildlife parks. These parks typically allow visitors to observe and interact with large, preserved wildlife such as elephants, lions, and giraffes.

Hakim Abdel Hafid, now a private park owner in South Africa, is bringing his expertise back to Morocco with the “Lion Park of Drarga” project. The park aims to offer a unique and enriching experience to visitors, contributing an added value to Morocco’s tourist attractions. The location of the project is in Drarga, the same town that hosts the Croco Parc, which opened in 2015. This new lion park is expected to complement the existing offerings of the Croco Parc.

Construction work on the Lion Park of Drarga began approximately a month ago, signaling the initiation of this ambitious venture. The project promises to provide Moroccan residents and tourists alike with an opportunity to engage with and appreciate the beauty of wildlife in a setting inspired by the great African parks of South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Agadir Lion  Park Safari

The Lion Park of Drarga in Agadir represents a significant project with distinct characteristics and developments. Here are the key points highlighted in the provided information:

1. Previous Safari Park Project: In September 2016, authorities approved a Safari Park project in Agadir’s municipality of Drarga. However, this project was abandoned, and the Drarga Lion Park is now being deployed on the same site.

2. Location and Size: The Lion Park of Drarga is situated at the exit of Agadir, on a forest land spanning 20 hectares. The site is located on the northern edge of the express road leading to the Marrakech motorway.

3. Facilities: Approximately a quarter of the total area will be occupied by facilities, including a restaurant, visitor toilets, a mosque, and around twenty ecolodges with a swimming pool for those wishing to extend their visits. A care area for animals is also planned.

4. Project Phases: The park will be laid out in three zones: one for African lions, another for white lions, and a third zone reserved for Barbary lions. In the first phase, the park will host 45 lions from Hakim Abdel Hafid’s South African reserve, with an additional 20 lions to be added later.

5. Visitor Experience: The project aims to offer an immersive experience akin to visiting an African reserve. Visitors will be able to observe the lions from their cars as the animals move freely throughout the designated space.

6. Ecological Considerations: Aquila Morocco plans to integrate all existing argan trees within the park’s perimeter. The lions will roam in a spacious environment, avoiding the confinement typical of traditional zoos.

7. Safety Measures: Strict safety rules will be implemented to ensure the well-being of both visitors and animals. Visitors will be required to keep their windows closed and remain in their cars throughout the observation experience.

8. Employment Opportunities: The Lion Park of Drarga is expected to generate employment opportunities, with around 45 full-time positions being created.

The project, which obtained its building permit on March 14, 2021, is currently in the construction phase, and the developers emphasize their commitment to safety, ecological considerations, and the ethical treatment of animals throughout the venture.Lion Park

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